Classic cinema @ the Action Écoles: 23 rue des Écoles, Paris

I have visited Paris a bunch of times since living in Europe, and as a love-struck tourist I can’t get enough. Aside from the culture, food, fashion, beautiful streets, reasurringly rude waiters etc., Paris is also a cinephiles dream.Action Ecoles cinema

I spend a fair amount of my time in Paris going to the cinema, as it is a brilliant place to see classic films. A suitable tonic to the multiplex, with its popcorn-munching patrons, there are a number of dedicated cinemas to the art-form dotted around the city (particularly on the Left Bank).

My favourite cinema to visit is the Action Écoles on 23 rue des Écoles, with two screening rooms and a penchant for showing American films from the 40s through to the early 80s. There are no advance tickets, you just queue outside and hope to get in (Five minutes before the tickets sell a crowd appears from nowhere).

A list of the films I have seen there over the past 7 years should give you a good idea of the quality at the Action Écoles: Casablanca; Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (But were afraid to Ask) ; Rosemary’s Baby; The Outsiders; Stand By Me; Notorious; To Catch a Thief; Lolita; Dr Strangelove; Love and Death; and Mr Smith Goes to Washington.



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2 responses to “Classic cinema @ the Action Écoles: 23 rue des Écoles, Paris

  1. Lurk

    Erk, your fancy French cinemas are all very well, but do they sell peppermint choc bombs to match those at the Luna in Leederville? I think not.

  2. ‘Tis true dear Lurk… the Luna in Leederville is a classic cinema. I particularly liked the Monday night double features there: two brilliant films + a peppermint choc bomb – cinema heaven!

    Perhaps in extolling the virtues of visiting Paris for cinema I am just trying to recapture that Perth feeling… after all for me the other “City of Lights” is a bit more than a 3 hour trip by train!

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