The US on the slippery slope to fascism?

An alarming piece in the Guardian last week by Naomi Wolf, regarding the actions of the Bush administration who appear to be “using time-tested tactics to close down an open society”. Worth a read, here.

I recently asked a senior colleague (who is American) what life was like during the Nixon years, he told me: “you don’t need to use your imagination, we’re living in them all over again… except it’s worse.” Ouch.


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  1. It’s a lot worse than in the Nixon era, although we thought at the time that it could not get worse. But Reagan was worse, and the Shrubs worse still, and it is unclear that the Democrats, who will likely gain the White House next year, will roll much of the disaster back.

    Wolf’s Guardian article is good. And I think we are *in* fascism now … I lived in Franco’s Spain and Brazil under the generals, and I find I am reacting emotionally to the current situation as I did to those: I can feel that it is now important to pass by quietly and watch out.

    I think it is possible to have fascism without the Gothic external signs of barbed wire everywhere (the movie version of things). Also, it appears that freedom of speech no longer need be formally repressed, since ideological control of the majority of the population is so complete. The government can *afford* to have people like me rattling on.

    I am trying to figure out how to resist this, how to form a resistance movement, or live in a ‘post- apocalyptic’ country … many people here are *quite* discontented and it may be possible to do something. Somehow.

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