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Foreign-trained clinical psychologists in the UK: More tips to get through the SoE

Another post about surviving the British Psychological Society’s Statement of Equivalence in Clinical Psychology (see previous entries on this site)….

Joalida Smit writes a personal reflection in Clinical Psychology Forum (Number 169, January 2007) about the “feelings of professional inferiority as the result of subtle mechanisms of ‘othering’ inherent in the SoE”. At the close of her article (a lot of which I could relate to) she lists a number of basic suggestions that would have been helpful when planning to start the SoE:

1] Settle in first – relocation is a huge personal investment. Don’t start before you have stability (externally and internally) .

2] Be realistic – the SoE takes mental and physical energy, don’t expect to make strides in your “real” job until the process is completed.

3] Be practical – have a structured, task focused approach.

4] Don’t get sucked into the emotions of what this further training implies.

5] Beware of the SoE Summer School – refer to 4 above.

6] Don’t make it personal – the SoE requirements do not say anything about you as a person.

7] Don’t expect the Society to make it personal – follow procedures, don’t try to jump the system (it only leads to frustration and anguish).

8] Hold the ambivalence – don’t let the anxiety get the upper hand.

9] Be careful of paranoia – “the Society” are people too.

10] Hold on to yourself and your skills – after all that’s why they gave you the job.

11] Don’t lose your voice – despite your Trust’s investment and support, you have to speak up if things are not working for you. People will listen.

12] Buy a car – you will be required to travel. Public transport is not a good idea.

13] Remember to enjoy the journey – after all, you are getting paid to learn more.


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