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The Commute…

For 2 years I commuted by train from Brighton to work in London.

At best, the trip door to door took 1 hour 20 minutes, at worst… well, those who have experienced the exquisite delights of being a “customer” of the British transport system can fill in the gaps.

An article by Nick Paumgarten in the “New Yorker” a few months back describes the
seemingly rational calculus made by many Americans between lifestyle, a good job and time spent commuting. It would seem that for a lot of people the “lifestyle” ends up being several hours each way to work in their car. As the author writes,
A commute is a distillation of a life’s main ingredients, a product of fundamental values and choices. And time is the vital currency: how much of it you spend—and how you spend it—reveals a great deal about how much you think it is worth“.


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